Private Guiding

If you would prefer, trips can be arranged on a “Private Guiding” Basis, whereby you pay only the Guiding Fee in advance. You then pay all additional costs such as transport, lifts, meals and accommodation as they arise. This can allow greater flexibility with regards to your choice of accommodation and meals when in the valley. It also means that you are not tied to any fixed itinerary and can go wherever the conditions are best. Please note that prices can vary according to the demanding nature of a peak, the size of the group, and number of overnight stays required.

General Guide to pricing for Private Guiding:
F-PD: 450/day (groups of 4 or above 500/day)
PD-AD: 450/day
AD+: 500/day

Dates, Prices & Availability

Dates and Prices on application.

Please contact me at info@stuartmacdonald.org for more details.

  • Duration:
    as required
  • Venue:
  • Ratios:
    Depends on route choice
  • Experience Required:

    No previous experience required, but it does help. A good level of fitness is required